AVX STRIPT™ 10-9296 Jumpers & 2.5mm Poke-Home Contact

Author : Avx Published Time : 2018-05-31
AVX STRIPT™ 10-9296 Jumpers provide additional mating tolerance absorption over traditional connector systems in linear or coplanar applications. The 10-9296 Jumpers mate with the 709296001025016 horizontal PCB contact, which does not use a wire stop. This pairing allows the pin header to pass straight through the contacts until the final seating/mating dimension is achieved. This unique design allows for internal pin clearance so boards and modules can be plugged together without worrying about potentially critical tolerance stack-up issues. These are the first poke-home contacts without a wire stop, featuring fatigue resistant beams, integral centering guides, and a closed box design. AVX BTB 10-9296 series jumpers are ideal for single and dual pin connections between linear PCBs.


Absorption of PCB and module mating tolerances by allowing the unrestricted pin to pass through the contact by eliminating the traditional wire stopTwo different pin lengths to accommodate board-to-board and module-to-module connectionsThe unique geometry of the insulator lends itself to water tightness when matched with a corresponding housing cavity


Designed to mate with 709296001025016 horizontal PCB contactSingle pin connection between linear PCBs38mm pin allows for modules to be connected where the PCB is recessed within the plastic housing.
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